Cunningham is an awesome place to progress for riders of all skills and styles. There are 5 large bowls each with unique features of their own as well as a mini bowl/ spine area and two separate street/ tech areas. The possibilities are endless. The crew had such an awesome time pushing themselves as well as linking up with some local riders and seshing until closing. Once we left we headed to In and Out for our well earned meals. Friday night Cunningham trips will become a regular thing each month. Hope to see you there.     

Our camping trip to New Hogan Lake was our very first overnight camp. Campers participating in scooter riding, skateboarding and inline skates piled into the team van with the Rob skate and scooter instructor Chris and took a journey to various skate parks and spent the night at the lake. This was an awesome way to spend Labor Day weekend, we are looking forward to hosting more camping trips to new destinations. 

If your interested in joining us for future trips feel free to contact us through the site or at

Our second street camp was one for the books. It was awesome being able to provide a camp experience like no other. Each day campers and instructors piled into our team van and took various day trips to Half Moon bay, San Francisco, Pacifica, San Rafael and a few more spots along the way. We even ran into the Tilt bus while they were on their tour, that was dope!  Our crew was constantly filming and we all had a great time. Looking forward for future travel camps and more great experiences.  

 As instructors and campers assemble at the Bart station the excitement and anticipation grows. For most of us the use of the Bay Area Rapid Transit system is a new experience in itself. We purchase our tickets and make our way down to the deck to find our approaching train. The crew piles into an empty car and we embark on our first trip.

Our ride from Dublin to San Francisco is full of laughter and a furry of tricks that are expected to be performed through out the day. As we approach our stop campers rush to the door, at last the journey is complete. We scramble up the stairs and through the gates to meet the satisfying breeze of the city, we made it!

The first spot of the day is a simple cruse down the street, Balboa park. Hoots and hollers are uncontrollable at this point, its time to ride. No time is wasted as we invade the park and get warmed up. The energy we carry throughout our group in contagions and sparks interest with some local riders. We meet some new friends and the session begins.  



This camp was a great experience for everyone. It was awesome being able to show the next generation of shredders legendary spots that they fantasize about after watching pro videos. Seeing their determination to learn new tricks and film clips of their own was rad. Everyone was motivated to progress and try something new.        

The turnout for the 2017 San Ramon ride day was truly epic. The park was packed with a bunch of new riders and young shredders. We hosted several mini contests and games as well as provided tips and lessons. It is awesome to see the community grow and have everyone come together to ride. It wouldn't have been possible without the support of The Vault Pro Scooters, Hella grip and the City. Thanks to everyone who showed up we looking forward to seeing everyone next year.