New location in San Leandro

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- Matt Tyler

"You choose how you want to ride, tricks you want to learn and how hard you want to work at it. It can be relaxing and fun, or challenging and rewarding. Scootering can be a stress reliever or a serious battle. You get to choose whatever you want it to be and how you want to express yourself. "

Scooter evolution

Over the past 100 years scooters have evolved from simple home made toys to a form of transportation and into a full fledged extreme sport. Here is a brief overview of how it happened. 

Scooter evolution

​karl Drais, a forest officer who later became an inventor, built his 'Walking machine" to get around the royal gardens faster. This was the first vehicle requiring to keep balance and generate momentum by pushing off the ground with your feet. Attached to a frame were two inline wheels, the front one steerable by handlebars mounted to the front end (Forks). This invention later went on to influence the construction of modern bicycles and scooters.