Summer Camp

Age 7-12

It is our goal to create a safe learning atmosphere for campers of all skill levels to improve their abilities and build confidence. 

By taking time to asses each student we are able to create a personalized set of goals and skills for practice. 

Whether its getting comfortable riding in the skate park or mastering a trick, we can insure that your student with have the exact instruction and they need.  

Beginner and intermediate riders learn

  • Pumping

  • Bunny hops

  • Manuals

  • Dropping in

  • Tailwhips

  • Heelwhips

  • Barspins 

  • 180s

  • 360s

  • Boardslides

  • The fundamentals of scooter maintenance & function.

The importance of skate park etiquette is emphasized to maximize rider safety and awareness of surroundings.    

Our camps open opportunities to build friendships, work as a team and get active. The relaxed environment welcomes creativity and input from everyone.


We strive to make each camp a new and exciting experience that campers can look forward to attending each year.

With ever changing games, activities, special guests and locations no two camps are ever the same.


Special activities may include

  • Water days ( water guns/ water balloon launcher)

  • Themed days ( crazy socks/ favorite character day)

  • Field games ( Dodge ball, kick ball, sharks and minnows, amoeba tag ect. )

  • Live demos from pros and instructors.


We look forward to seeing campers who are motivated to have fun and improve their skills.    

Private lessons/ sessions

Private lessons are great for riders looking to improve their trick selection and style at a rapid pace. Working one on one with a skilled instructor opens new perspectives of riding and provides a source of motivation to achieve goals. 

*Rates vary based on lenght of time and size of groups. 

We also provide options to do group sessions. This is great for birthdays or groups of friends that want to progress together. Our instructors work to create a high energy environment that includes everyone on and off a scooter. Nothing is more fun than riding with your friends. 

All ages

Junior Counselor program

Age 12-16

This Program is designed to educate and train scooter riders interested in becoming a leader and improving their skills outside of performing tricks.

Participants will receive a reduced rate for attending camp, a personalized letter of recommendation and learning experiences like no other.   

Travel Camp

Age 12-16

Riding street is a new option we are providing through The Scooter Academy. This opens a guided opportunity for advanced riders to get a taste of what its like riding in an urban settings. We will also travel to new parks and landmarks throughout the Bay.  

We will use forms of public transportation too travel as well as our team van, depending on where we are headed. No two camps are every exactly the same because input is welcomed from participants and we are always finding new locations.

Small groups of participants will meet our instructors at a designated location and spend the day riding various spots including our training facility located in Oakland; directly across the street from the West Oakland Bart station.

Advanced Certificate Program

Age 16-18

This program is designed for older riders who are interested in becoming instructors. We cover all aspects required to operate camp as a lead instructor.  

Over various training sessions participants gain the skills to work with youth and perfect their teaching style. This opens opportunities to do private lessons and run camps.